Frequently Asked Questions


Purchase and making orders

Qns 1. How do I place an order?

Ans: Please follow the steps to place an order:

1. Create an account at this link . Log in (if you have already created).

2. Add the items you want in your shopping cart.

3. Checkout your order once you have confirmed.


Qns 2. Is there any minimum purchase?

Ans: No minimum order requirement. Purchase 1 or more items of any designs, sizes or colors are allowed.


Qns 3. What happens next after I have checked out?

Ans: You will receive an email invoice from us within 24 - 48 hours after you have submitted your orders.


Qns 4. I still did not receive any invoice after so long?

Ans: Please do check your junk/spam folder as sometimes our mails will be misplaced there. If you still do not receive our invoice in your junk/spam folder, please contact us.


Qns 5. Can I still change my orders after order check out?

Ans: Yes you can still change. However, you will need to re-order the items you want and check out upon confirmation. You will be given a new order number. The previous/old order will be cancelled upon request.


Qns 6. Can I still change my orders after order has been processed?

Ans: No, you cannot change your orders once payment is made and order is processing.


Qns 7. When should I make payment?

Ans: Payment should be made asap once invoice email has been received. Order will only be processed once payment is received and acknowledged.


Qns 8. Can I send in the orders by email?

Ans: No, customer has to create an account and add the item(s) in the shopping cart. Check out upon confirmation and invoice email will be sent to the registered email address within 24 hours.


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